Star Citizen - six years on - the grand re-build

this is how clean the game could play

EDITORIAL: yeah, I do realise I've invested far too much of my own valuable time on planet Earth assessing a game I'm not being paid to improve yet...

If a game giant like Sega, Konami or Nintendo were making the Star Citizen demo, at this four-year point in its development with the first full-size planet Hurston about to attract thousands of interested backers, they would GUT THE WHOLE THING. Yes, this is how the Big Games are made. They muck about for half a decade then scrap most of it, building and refining upon ONLY THOSE THINGS THAT WORK properly or fulfil the desired spec of their intended product.

Design-wise, Star Citizen currently looks weird and fractured like it's been hammered together from different bits of scrap metal. This is not even a surprise considering the game was Kickstarter-pitched as a carrier-launched space-flight-sim-game like Star Wars X-wing (which was great) and a CryEngine'd version of something like that would have been lovely. Then planetary landing arrived. Then FOIP and VOIP are the new kids on the block.

What Star Citizen needs is a total re-build from the ground up to ready it for its first-tier mainstream release some time in 2020-21. I'm not talking about bug-fixing or cosmetic changes, I'm talking about making the game easier to play, making it more FUN. I'm going to add ZERO NEW TECH to achieve this, it's all already there, just used in the wrong (clumsy (non intuitive (geeky (pages of excruciatingly parenthetical keybindings)))) or archaic spreadsheet-gaming way.

Here are some images of what I think the game 'could be' if only CIG would stop making the single-person single-objective 1990's-military-overlay style of Squadron 42 and porting the result to their multiplayer sandbox called Star Citizen.

Console 2.0 Experience... auto-highlighting Items 2.0 should be the Move Towards entry-point

Quantum Engine Targeting... strip the green-overlay mil_HUD right back and use the Items 2.0

Human Scale Marker... image on the right of each pair, better idea of human scale

Quantum Travel Accuracy... end all these jump-to jump-to QT-destination hierarchies


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