Star Citizen - Insta Finger - removes Inner Thought and minimizes visual clutter

Dear reader,

been working in secret on how I'd improve the visual interface of my most favourite game-in-development Star Citizen, and it involves Unification of Design and removing extraneous interim features like Inner Thought drop-down menus and 2D overlays etc.


When you're 'looking directly at' a thing 'that you can physically reach' your arm rises into the shot and hovers close to that thing. The hovering hand shows you what it's about to do; press a button with an index finger or twist a control knob or grab a rail or....  double hand actions like 'about to climb a rock-face' are all reach-and-look dependent i.e. not painted onto the terrain.

Cleaner, more 2949, and the whole game feels 3D again...

This last image, the guy momentarily auto-hoisting a carried box onto his hip... essential with this new interface. Kiosk use. Ladder climbing. Airlock door opening.


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