Star Citizen - 2017 content/rethink - commercialise hyperspace now!

yeah, this is how good the game looks, in realtime

Star Citizen, the most ambitious KickStarter project ever, looks amazing; it looks gorgeous, it looks beautiful. Star Engine (aka CryEngine (aka LumberYard)) is a really gorgeous realtime renderer for such a concept. Not much of a netcode engine thus far, that's for sure given various ping-time server-threads, but that's on its way. That'll be fixed... or the game's got no future.

It's obvious that the various 'game modes' like Racer, Marine and Arena etc... while advertised as helpful player-training grounds and 'fun play areas' are just ways for 'code' to test their current iteration of future-P.U. (or Persistent Universe) coding.

So, what is Star Citizen? What is it promising? Does it even realise it's already holding the Genie Bottle?

The 'genie bottle' is HYPERSPACE: and how is that going to help finish the 'game' whatever it eventually boils down to? Whether you claim it's because of the Quantum Drive Engine or some natural rupture in space, RSI already use hyperspace to jump ships from planet to planet, and eventually from system to system. The tech is already there. Except they don't really use it.

Hyperspace* is a(n infinite) storage-rental opportunity for the RSI overlords who run the world you're playing. Private Hangars and Landing Pads and other clunky 80's interface Centralisation Zones (even Cargo Carriers) become OBSOLETE once 'hyperspace' is commercially opened up for the player... you could dial up any stored items from your itinerary, new dashboards for ships, new suits, new skins, new everything you can afford at that time. Plug in, pull out.

Imagine a scenario later in your exploration of the (sandbox) game where PERSONAL QUANTUM TRAVEL is an affordable fashion item, or something that Galactic Rulers already use. RSI would control who was sold access to which level of QSC or Quantum Storage Control, like the game-government, but they could offer Weekly Galactic Lottery 'trips of a lifetime' to any luxurious leisure location of one's choosing, for example. Covert agencies would go to war to fund regular access to hyperspace for their secret missions.

Mega-space lanes could be opened up charging extortionate rates for the Corporately Funded out there in the darkness of space. Goods, passengers, homes, planets could all be relocated in the SC-universe using such hyperspace commercialisation. It'd slip easily into the lore, too.

When RSI realise this (vast, unused gaming) resource, then the REAL ADVENTURE can begin for the million and a half subscribers already funding Star Citizen. While this sounds a radical rewrite of what's already been promised from RSI, I'd be willing to come to L.A. or Texas to share more of my P.U.-unifying thoughts with the RSI team on either a consultancy or employee basis... contact details in the blaaargher profile.

ANOTHER VALID OPINION:  here's a video from way back in October from a Star Citizen youtuber who suspects that the one-player variant (called Squadron 42) will be dropped and RSI'll concentrate their efforts on the P.U. and I hope he's right.

Star Citizen should focus all its clever peeps on the essential, CRACKING THE P.U., making that work.

* it's important to understand how the T.H.E.Y. work, hiding all useful utilisation of known technology from you so that you stay in your slave jobs funding the crime syndicate we call G3 or the Galactic Governmental Gangbang.


Andrew Brown said…
This was a good read. Hopefully, with the release of 3.0 at the end of June (Finger Crossed) We will see the company focus more heavily on the persistent universe. This would be a good time for someone to take the plunge and maybe back the project. Anyway, good work!

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