Star Citizen - nope - can't work out what it is

as far as I can tell.... nope, there's no point!

Is it a Manual Handling game or is it a Thinkerterface game?
Is it a Quantum Engine travel game or a Pre-chosen Jump Point game?
Is it a MobiGlas game or is it a 1987's-styled screen-menu game?

Even more demanding at this juncture, "Is it a first person or third person game?"

Personally, Star Citizen is about THE WAY WE SEE OUR UNIVERSE and for me that's third person all the way. But this game needs a massive interface overhaul to accommodate a narratively useful third person gaming experience. And it'd work, trust me.

Star Citizen's out there in 3.0 alpha version and good luck to you if you're in 'the verse'. If I were in production of this game I'd start from scratch, choose which of the above games (and game modes) we want it to be, and get on with making entry-exit and space-desert just flow better. Currently, "I just can't work out what the hell it's supposed to be," and the game gives no decisive clues either way.

Star Map must come off MobiGlas as it's a SHIP FUNCTION, ffs.
Ship assignment must go onto MobiGlas or become a VERBAL command.

Star Citizen has been in development for five years and is (seriously) due a design refresh and restatement of intent.

Missing Daily Scenario, for me:
SHIP, VERBALLY REPLIES: I'll meet you over at Deck #2.
PLAYER: make sure your rear door's open, there's more than one of us....
SHIP: of course, I've been monitoring the situation.



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