Star Citizen - Star Map - MobiGlas - getting it off my chest!

Star Citizen - Star Map - MobiGlas

Star Citizen, right... it's in Alpha. Yeah, we know. I got this message from CIG the other day, "It's in alpha, it'll all be fine once it's out."

Well, yeah. That's probably true, CIG can address the bugs and sort out the fps, but will it be a NEAT user-experience? Will it be CLEAN?

The wrist-phone MobiGlas currently owns the Star Map app, but is this the right place for it? Looking at a galactic Star Map when your land-bound is pointless. Using the Star Map on your wrist during flight is a really disorienting experience. Here's why.... you're taken away from the current game view to 'some external hierachic representation' i.e. the interface view. Then you're thrust back into the game view, having to reset your experience and start searching for the Destination you've set. It's real clunky. There's not even any auto-alignment or align durin QT-warmup.

Despite my #wehatemobiglas meme, I don't think CIG is ready to kill its wrist machine, nor should it. There's no reason why you shouldn't carry around GooglePlanet for the place you find yourself in, be that planet or moon or asteroid or space station or truck stop. MobiGlas is fine as an information device, just not stellar navigation...

But a far better place for a Quantum Transit-enabling Star Map (and one that the players are already used to) would be any ship's HUD or Heads Up Display i.e. when seated in the Pilot's Seat. Every ship has a HUD and every ship has a Quantum Engine. Your HUD already gives a graphic representation of the Current Target top-right of the screen, so it'd be easy to apply that to a distant beacon or space station or moon or planet or star.


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