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Ceres - cratered - electrically?

"It's not unusual," my swarthy, dark skinned, curly haired Welsh brothers...

Alan Wilson - The Arthurian Kings of Glamorgan - Etruscan and Assyrian linguistic roots of Welsh language

Camilla d'Errico - comic book artist - pop surrealist

Free Planet vs War World novels - dual trilogies finished - who will win?

David Icke - Rothschild Zionism - keep saying it, he does

CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele - False Flag Economists - State Funded Terror?

Sublimatrix - A Andrew Gonzalez - Uli Rising

I'm regressing into a Dream Creature.

Pre-historic Bolivia - Puma Punku site - what is it and who built it?

Apple + apple = one + one = imaginary number crisis

PENTTBOM - Pentagon Twin Towers Bombing - Barbara Honegger

HC Unit - why is space so big? - matter so rare?

Andreas Lie - Habitats within Animals - double exposure photography

I voted for FREE PLANET on my ballot paper... species annihilation addendum.

SPECTRE - Jaguar C-X75 vs Aston Martin DB10 - Rome car chase

Art - Jeremy Geddes - floating falling ceiling

Art personalities - John Payne - Fleshlettes

Parasitic Interstellar Travel - there's always a bigger fish - helping hand across the stars