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Andrew Gough - Heretic Magazine Editor - Ancient Bee Worship and the Honey Drug Barons

Hertzan Chimera - Free Planet vs War World - dual/duelling novel/trilogies one year on

The Great Pyramid in Giza - Metric dimensions show - it was built YESTERDAY

Brexit - Ancient British Mediterranean Trading Language - United Kingdom Welsh.

Mike Philbin - Introversions Paintings - five new 60x60cm paintings

Dr Heather Lynn - archaeologist turns conspiracy researcher - 2013 excavations near ancienty city of Ur

Gary Biltcliffe - Legacy of the Etruscans - Khymry Khumry Cymru Umbria Cumbria Northumberland

Dr Carmen Boulter - Matriarchal Societies In Prehistory - Full Lecture

Graham Hancock - Lost Civilisation 10,500 BC - A species with Amnesia

Osiris - Robert Bauval - Jesus cult and the Osiris myth

Helen J Young - visions of Nepal - Kintsugi towers

Gerald Pollack - Fourth Phase of Water - Sunlight induced electrolysis

Bronze Age Sword - British Leaf - Greek Xiphos

Megalithomania - Wayne Herschel - Hidden Records BC

Megalithomania - Antoine Gigal - The Divine Island of Giza

Free Planet - We Are Not Here To Wake Up The Masses - War World

The Gosford Glyphs - preDynastic Egyptian hieroglyphics - found in Australia!

Steven & Evan Strong - not Out of Africa - The Seven Sisters and two human gene lines

Mike Philbin - Dichotomy Paintings - one death, five new births

Albert Omoss - naked organic architectures - codified human flesh

Ancient British Kings - 1,500 BC to 600 AD - the Khumry and their Coelbren Alphabet

Ben Davidson - The Sun/Earthquake Connection - Space News

photorealism - Sook Sri-amnuay - beauty's in the eyes.

Halton Arp - the true source of red shift - Quasars at the edge of Spiral Galaxies

Gobekli Tepe - after 9,600 BC - a burgeoning reassessment of the Neolithic period

The Marcianos - Tanker Enemy - Chemtrails: The Secret War

Brien Foerster - Puma Punku And Tiahuanaco In Bolivia - Definitive Analysis

Khemitology - Egypt before the Pharoahs - Abd'el Hakim Awyan


Ancient Archaeology - the rock wall - Rockwall TX