Gobekli Tepe - after 9,600 BC - a burgeoning reassessment of the Neolithic period

very telling phrase in the first video, "Yes, the earlier sculptures and megaliths (discovered at Gobekli Tepe) were more competently dressed, carved, decorated, than later pillars."

This is something that's also evident in the ante-diluvian sites in Peru and Bolivia and Egypt namely vast polygonal walls made of mortarless interconnected blocks of super-hard stone like marble and andesite that were then found by later Mayan Inca Toltec cultures and repaired to the bronze age standard of the day. Such findings break the whole 'mankind slowly evolved as his artistic brain was given full reign'. Not true, it seems. Mankind got more useless at these earlier architectural and artistic skills after an initial FERTILE MIND PERIOD around the time of the end of the last ice age.

Maybe someone or something killed off this super-creative (maybe giant (maybe enormously brained i.e. conhead'd) educational race, and only the servants of these intellectual overlords remained to continue the farming game, stretching their kids' heads with boards wrapped with rope, and making ridiculous human sacrifices of their own people to appease these 'what they saw as superhumans or 'gods''.

and then (from the same Turkish website) what seems to be a full archaeological re-analysis of the flow of time fuelled by the findings at Gobekli Tepe and nearby sites in Turkish hill country or what's known as The Fertile Crescent stretching upwards from Palestine NW then SE to Iran.


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