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Charlie Terrell - Earth Spirit - creative photography

Hannah Faith Yata - psychedelic creativity - insanely glorious colour and composition

Herne the Hunter - Cernunnos - torc as serpent god?

Marney Ward - watercolour artist - glowing flowers

Michael Tsarion - the Irish origin of Atlantis - what is real Celtism, Keltoi, Khumri, Phoenician, Egyptian?

Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set four

Spanish contemporary art - Rubén Belloso Adorna - pastel photorealism

Free Planet's most radical Standing Stone Circle theory - Stone Worship

Bryan Holland - crow artist - graphic nature in action

Ancient Briton - rise and fall - Chariot

Ancient Briton - the lost cities - hidden under the Atlantic ocean

Star Wars 7 - The Force Awakens - official poster + final trailer

Dream about 'Gods' and Animals

QWERKY retro keyboard and Tablet docking station design

Xevi Sola Serra - more amazing Spanish art - surreal-realism.

Bronze Age Collapse - 1,200 BC - what happened to the Sea People?

Julie Rhodes - wildlife artist - pencil drawings

Mold gold cape - Celtic Welsh Legacy - Egyptian Lingua-franca?

Ginge-built megalithic complexes and the lost tribes of Ginge.

Mike Philbin - some new art/expression on its way...

Youqing (Eugene) Wang - IP3R - jelly and peanut butter

Jill Ann Whitney - coloured pen art - calming and therapeutic abstractions