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Farage and Watson - double teaming the BREXIT issue

ART WORLD ORDER - Mike Philbin art - 40x80cm Introversions paintings

BRexit = CAMexit = Free'r Planet, starting with UK?

Truth Frequency Radio - Susan Lindauer - Hillary’s Heist And Other Thefts...

"Jesus Christ" - Origin of Christianity - The Piso Flavian Dynasty from AD 73

Disney - Moana - sneak peek trailer...

Ralph Ellis - The Other Christianity - Precessional Astronomy in the Ancient Neolithic Mindset

Mike Philbin - INTROVERSIONS paintings - five new 60cm x 40cm canvases

Roberto Ferri - photorealism - with a dash of mythology...

Bob Lazar - very rare footage - three encounters with E.T., ALIEN or GREY.

Mike Philbin - INTROVERSIONS paintings - four new 20" x 16" canvases

Valdemar Januszczac - The Dark Ages - An Age of Light

Bilderberg Fears the Precariat, the Monster They Created...

dream - horses - wolves

Robert John Langdon - the sacred water sites - Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarem and Durrington Walls

Mike Philbin - INTROVERSIONS paintings - six new 20" x 16" canvases

Overwatch - The Movie - Every Story Cinematic

Giza plateau 27,000 BC - ancient Sphinx not a lion - Ram statue of God Khnum aka Amun

Mark Dice - Bilderberg Group 2016 - Dresden Germany Election Year Special

Tony Gosling - The Nazis were never defeated - Who owns the world?