BRexit = CAMexit = Free'r Planet, starting with UK?

So, Cameron's gone... but the Conservatives still occupy the seat of power in this island nation.

One imagines (with such a prominent resignation) there might be a return to the situation where Voted Politicians must acquiesce to the Total Will of their Constituents but what's the evidence?
Such a swift departure, could it really manifest a situation where Our Public Servants actually petition the Parliament of The People with Our Real Concerns i.e. let's end this crippling and prejudicial MP2 or Modern Personality-based Politics.

Of course, there's still the chance that BREXIT was a Bilderberg-instigated move on the so-called Global Chess Board... Let's see if Switzerland and their Bankers make Britain and its Bankers the most important global offshore ever!

D Trump and B Johnson for the ultimate(ly cynical and dangerous) Trans-Atlantic Partnership post EU?


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