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early morning - walk - goring whitchurch goring

wifey, because she loves to organise on the fly, found us an early morning walking circuit from Goring Train Station via Whitchurch back to Goring. It was a lovely walk in lovely weather in lovely company, picnic in a clearing in a secluded hillside woods. Four and a half hours in total, and half way round we stumbled across Modern Artists Gallery right on Whitchurch high street, slap-bang in the centre of rural Berkshire.

Gallery founder Peggy Gibson Brody took time out of her busy day to accompany us around her delightful art space on two floors and was very pleasant and personable. Highly recommended. Here are a couple of views of her gallery artists, credited.

Hester Berry - crumbling imagery - pseudo abstract landscapes

I love these paintings by Devonshire artist Hester Berry because the closer you get to them the more the image diffuses or cracks or shatters to impsto marks that made them.

I try to use the marks available to me as economically as possible, distilling the image/feeling/moment into what is necessary. Paint enables me to explore my world, and lends a voice with which to comment on modern life. HESTER BERRY

Destiny Schafer - art prodigy - one to watch

Destiny Schafer has been painting since 2011, she's from Canada, she's a high school dropout, she uses craft acrylic and no-name brushes to produce her multi-style paintings; she's 21 years old. The most impressive feature of Schafer's work is her underpainting where she lays down the base tones of her art onto which she lays the rich mid-tones and the reflective details.

This stuff is superb even if it was using the best hog-hair brushes and the most expensive oils and I'm not even sure Destiny knows how really good her work is; meanwhile...

Photo-realistic eyes, surreal four-eyed pets, rainstorms against car windows - there are artists out there who are basing their entire art portfolio on these separate topics, Destiny Schafer seems able to polish them all off with ease. She also does tattoo-art, seascapes, coke bottles, Jack Daniels, elk and arthropods to rival any professional artist in the illustrational field - Art Agents and Visual Commissioning Editors, pl…

Mike Philbin - 33rd Dichotomy Painting - Hulk Smash

33 Dichotomies Redux:
siege warfare is the name of this game...

Got up this morning and realised that now that I finally have a decent set of three 3-colour images (yesterday's abstract inspiration) I could go ahead and destroy the first set of three flaglike 22" x 18" 3-colour paintings I did back in February - never liked them. They were just doing nothing. I quickly realised I had the opportunity to complete the border-breaking set begun with these three paintings in around February or January...

I had to UNTHINKY LIKE A DEMON and really leave it down to 'pure artistic temperament' and 'fearless instinctive gestures', so I bought three more 22" x 18" canvases, chose strong complimentary colours, donned the rubber gloves again because of the toxic nature of the (glossier) paints I'd chosen for this section of the artistic battle and raw naked border-assault was my only course of action. These three sit very nicely within the 33 Dichotomies …

Mike Philbin - 33rd Dichotomy Painting - abstract inspiration

I've been a busy lad this year, four months of renovated artistic desire and 33 abstract left-right two-three-colour paintings under my belt.

The previous three, 100 cm by 30 cm, #28 #29 #30

The final three, 80 cm by 60 cm, #31 #32 #33

These later works are more restrained than the first few dozen. Not sure if all future paintings will be this sedate. I'm feeing good about this final batch, it's like I've found my stride...

IGN - Mirror's Edge Catalyst - first twelve minutes of in-engine footage and gameplay

when the Dice-developed EA-published game MIRROR'S EDGE made its debut in 2008 (at the peak of the EGFC or Engineered Global Financial Crisis) Free Planet revelled in the stark-utopian backdrop to some quite innovative gameplay hopes and wishes. Ultimately, it was a flawed first prototype masking as a corporate product that needed a few more iterations down the development pipeline to be truly finished.

Taking example maybe from a Shigeru Miyamoto-era Nintendo's brutally long-term development cycle where only the core elements from an initial full gameplay prototype are finessed into a final product, the Stockholm-based DICE have been hard at work for the last SEVEN YEARS and the eye-tattood central character Faith is back. Dice have really pulled all the disparate threads of game-mechanic narrative-gameplay together. A pre-ghost that shows you the moves. A series of footsteps on the relevant part of the world where you need to be. The improvements in the skeletal model. The …

Don Scott - The Electric Sun - galactically connected plasmatic circuitry

you may, you may not have seen this presentation before, I think I have but it still interested me again on re-viewing - watch, listen. Then wonder why the 'standard model(s)' of the nuclear solar dynamic is still being hammering into our heads in schools and colleges all over the world.

Might have something to do with plasma-discharge Tesla-like Free Energy that Big Oil i.e. The Slave Industry, is keeping from us so that we'll continue to pay through our noses for extortionate fossil fuels (if that's what they even are).

and did those feet - in Scythian times - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?
...aren't they rather westernised i.e. potentially middle-ages, names for the four writers of the New Testament gospels. Four of the twelve founding members of the so-called Twelve Disciples of (the very greek-sounding) 'Iasus' or Jesus. Symbolism which has its origin in the Twelve Tribes (or Brothers) of Israel. The children of the Egypt-fleeing Tuthmoses? Twelve Tribes? Twelve Disciples?

The following British People [British History] video seems to be suggesting that long before, during and long after the sea-faring and land-warring Roman Empire dominated the Mediterranean territories, something called The Twelve Tribes of Israel may have land-migrated north from Palestine via Georgia in SW Russia into northern Poland, Germany and (eventually) Anglo-Saxon England.

So, the Twelve Lost Tribes and the arabic fled-fathers of 'Iasus' during the Roman Times are what the 'history books' came to call The Barbarians, those…

Sunday morning - Art gallery - Manuel Martinez

Manuel Martinez is an artist who lives in southern France in a location directly south of Toulouse and directly west of Pamiers - Free Planet loves the blend of the figurative and the graphical in these contemporary large greek-mythology inspired acrylic on canvas paintings.

Sunday morning - Art gallery - Donna Young

Donna Young is an award-winning fine artist working in impressionist oils and pastels. She is represented in galleries nationwide and has been featured in over thirty solo and group exhibitions during her career.

Knights of Malta - Maltese Cross - Elongated Maltese Skulls - Maltese Stone Monuments - Maltese Astrology

Malta is a tiny island in the mediterranean sea just south of Sicily, at the foot of Italy. This is a stub post to self-explore the seemingly-connected topics of Knights of Malta, Maltese Cross, Elongated Maltese Skulls, Maltese Stone Monuments, Maltese Astrology and megalithic stone masonry and astrological alignment.

Is there really a cultural connection of a global nature between the ancient Megalithic sites (and elongated-skull people) of ancient Briton and those of ancient Malta? What is the maritime connection between the round-heads and the cone-heads, both found at many megalithic sites like these around the world...

Where does the Maltese Cross fit into this English Heritage or Crusader issue? Were the coneheads first worshipped then wiped out, Christ-fashion? More updates, once more research...

Free Planet - our children's children - normality isn't easily achieved

Free Planet, in its radical Creativity, Passion and Kinship ethos, goes on about doing things for the sake of 'our children's children' but what does this really mean?

it takes a long time to change a mind. This current seven billion isn't going to benefit from Free Planet. I'm not. You're not. It's too out-there an idea. A world without Profit. A world without Patent. A world without Ownership, Rents, Taxes, Prisons, Money, Hierarchy, Laws.

"Are you serious?"
Free Planet is very serious about its caring for 'our children's children' and those people who are alive now will only be able to prepare their grandchildren for such a place that this Corporately-raped dog-eat-dog immoral-game world will become.

We've ruined this place, but hopefully our children's children will learn from our mistake.

Jean Hanna - Crayon on canvas - memories of Aleppo

Jean Hanna studied at the Faculty of Arts in Aleppo, Syria where now there is nothing but a savage corporate battlefield of profit vs patent.

Jean paints in a wide range of artistic styles and currently works at Spacetoon TV. His solemn and poignant crayon on canvas works though, they're really special.

Endtime psychosis - Thomas Sheridan - Magic, Mythology and Megaliths

While artist Thomas Sheridan in his recent video (Magic, Mythology and Megaliths, featured below) contends that 'the ancient gods and monsters are nothing but representations of natural devastational phenomena' i.e. comets and tsunamis etc. And that's a valid argument. However, this video reinforces Free Planet's current contention that 'mythology' is just a way for The Ancients to remember (geographically) where they live, to their children's children.

These 'dream journeys' or 'ancient stories' that we find in aboriginal-indigenous cultures and holy books from all corners of the Earth are more like a geographical memory map of our temporo-physical location as part of that tribal family that bore us, you know, than a 'simple transference of supernatural decoration' into the narrative realm of fireside scares. Myths ain't stories, they're real places - codified. I love how Sheridan re-interprets the brutal shame of the Roman…

German hyper-realism - Philipp Weber - oil on canvas

for those of you who've been a) following and/or b) sharing my love of classical and modern photorealism, here's yet another new-found (for me) artist, a German photo-realist by the name of Philipp Weber.

Philipp Weber brings his models to life, releasing them from the artificiality and rigidity of the master image, going under their skin, exposing irregularities in apparent perfection and revealing aspirations and great dreams. [source WEBER]

Ancient Human History - Five Global Races - species evolution via maritime trade routes

one would imagine that, if certain races were able to make ocean-going boats of reeds or wood or combinations of twigs and tarred leather, these certain races would have spread genetically along the periphery of the territories defined by the geographical limitations of the Global Trade Winds.

You only have to look at the global preponderance of astronomically aligned stone circles and pyramids, 200-tonne-stone polygonal-wall construction and certain artificial cradle-boarded or giant-natural elongated-skull  findings to know that global trade or global rulership or global doctrine (as a tradable fashion item) has existed since the very start of the Age of Man. Sure, some migrations, certainly most tribal migrations, will have happened via connected land masses but that doesn't get a Peruvian pyramid all the way from Egypt. Some concerted trade wind activity is surely shown via this global synchronicity of artefact.

I've not done anything like the research I should have done …

You are not you - Many Inter-galactic Giants - Creativity, Passion and Kinship

"People (are so brain-washed, so indoctrinated into one filter that overlays 'reality', that they) assume that a car is driven by just one person," but a sedan is carried by many men, a queen ant is the sum total of her workers...

What if we are the size of Intergalactic Giants and galaxies and stars and solid reality are just our innocent Play Things...
What if we, these so-called Human Souls, are just many beings driving a molecular machine... what if all our 'individuality' is just a compound result of many inter-stellar inputs having a fucking blast?

Thunderbolts of the Gods - an Electric Universe - gravity need not apply

The original Thunderbolts of the Gods documentary from 2012, well worth watching Wallace (Wal) Thornhill and his Thunderbolts Project buddies discuss how Space is more likely to be plasma-based i.e. via electrical currents, than gravity or matter-attractive based.

Stars are formed at the intersections of galactic current filaments in dusty space plasma. The size of a star and its color are determined electrically and may change suddenly. Novae and supernovae are the explosive response of stars to a power surge in their galactic circuit. [source Thunderbolts Project]
I love the way this Electric Universe model cogently dispenses with both Black Holes and Big Bang Theory, two concepts that have always given me the divide by zero or infinity math-con shivers...