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early morning - walk - goring whitchurch goring

Hester Berry - crumbling imagery - pseudo abstract landscapes

Destiny Schafer - art prodigy - one to watch

Mike Philbin - 33rd Dichotomy Painting - Hulk Smash

Mike Philbin - 33rd Dichotomy Painting - abstract inspiration

IGN - Mirror's Edge Catalyst - first twelve minutes of in-engine footage and gameplay

Don Scott - The Electric Sun - galactically connected plasmatic circuitry

and did those feet - in Scythian times - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

Sunday morning - Art gallery - Manuel Martinez

Sunday morning - Art gallery - Donna Young

Knights of Malta - Maltese Cross - Elongated Maltese Skulls - Maltese Stone Monuments - Maltese Astrology

Free Planet - our children's children - normality isn't easily achieved

Jean Hanna - Crayon on canvas - memories of Aleppo

Endtime psychosis - Thomas Sheridan - Magic, Mythology and Megaliths

German hyper-realism - Philipp Weber - oil on canvas

Ancient Human History - Five Global Races - species evolution via maritime trade routes

You are not you - Many Inter-galactic Giants - Creativity, Passion and Kinship

Thunderbolts of the Gods - an Electric Universe - gravity need not apply