Knights of Malta - Maltese Cross - Elongated Maltese Skulls - Maltese Stone Monuments - Maltese Astrology

3,000 BC Malta holes-decoration also found on the top surface of the
7,000 BC Goekli Tepe (Turkey) cuboid-headed standing stones

Malta is a tiny island in the mediterranean sea just south of Sicily, at the foot of Italy. This is a stub post to self-explore the seemingly-connected topics of Knights of Malta, Maltese Cross, Elongated Maltese Skulls, Maltese Stone Monuments, Maltese Astrology and megalithic stone masonry and astrological alignment.

Is there really a cultural connection of a global nature between the ancient Megalithic sites (and elongated-skull people) of ancient Briton and those of ancient Malta? What is the maritime connection between the round-heads and the cone-heads, both found at many megalithic sites like these around the world...

Where does the Maltese Cross fit into this English Heritage or Crusader issue? Were the coneheads first worshipped then wiped out, Christ-fashion? More updates, once more research...


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