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walk in the woods - seven wrens - strange old hare

Free Planet - Man supports his family - Bringing home the bacon

Luc Besson - Scarlett Johansson - LUCY

Free Planet - world population clock - seven point two four nine billion as of today...

ARV or Alien Reproduction Vehicles - Bolide Motion Pictures - illustrator Mark McCandlish reveals all.

The Onion - Deadly Super Rainbow Tears Through West Coast - a rainbow looking for its stolen gold?

Long live the power pyramid - death to Free Planet - War World rules you scurvy dogs

Peraves - solar powered monotracer - any time soon?

Guardian - Edward Snowden urges professionals to encrypt client communications - video interview

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Francis Pryor - Channel 4 - Britain B.C.

art - Craig Davison - childhood heroes

Forget illness - Forget wars - PROFIT is the real Cancer

a spontaneous day out in Salisbury - Wessex archaeology museum - Old Sarum neolithic hill fort

One Ring to Rule them All - it's all a load of COCK.

photorealist artist - Zaria Forman - ultimate finger painting

Aboriginal DNA provides human migration clues

channelling Hertzan Chimera - or piercing The Electromagnetic Veil - contact with the Ancients

Ridley Scott's Prometheus - reboot the Giger franchise from orbit - it's the only way to be sure

Pie N Mash Films - Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay - institutionalised 8 hour snuff paedo

Anna Dillon - landscape artist - oil of the mind

Vietnamese landscape art - Phan Thu Trang - delightful palette and composition

Sacha Stone - New Earth Project - zero point economics or just another bunch of Overlords?

DRT News - Jesus Christ says - All the physical real estate of Faith must come down.

Court Case - there is no justice - when it's treated like a Game

the Paddington bear film - the REAL CONSPIRACY - who is this imposter?

Karen Hudes - The Vatican Intelligence Agency - Pierce the Corporate Veil