Karen Hudes - The Vatican Intelligence Agency - Pierce the Corporate Veil

what's going on in Syria, Karen?

"I'll tell you what's going on in Syria ... the President of the United States is an ACTOR run by the Vatican Intelligence Agency who tells all intel agencies what to do. The Vatican Bank tells all international banks what to do. We're not fighting about MONEY, we're fighting about Control and Faith and Love." UNQUOTE

Wow, this is some crazy-ass de-bamboozlement - listen on...

Some have suggested THE WHOLE NEW WORLD ORDER firm, or company or conglomerate is run in the name of this Camp Kangaroo-faced Cunt. You spastic-corporate attack-dogs can go about your repressive night time business, running around in your cloaks and shit. Fucking children like it'll help. But I just don't see how an Absent Director can command his troops. Didn't work with Hitler (the original 'free reigner') and it won't work with this Ballet Feet (as below above - lol).

Church of Set ... based in?


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