One Ring to Rule them All - it's all a load of COCK.

...published as a sequel to his 1937 children's fantasy novel The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings has a copyright date of 1953 and has astonishing relevance to the current Paedophile Ring Scandal that (once again) threatens to disrupt the Elite/Serf status quo.

one of five burning rings
1) The One Ring:
some have likened 'the One Controlling Power that man can never hope to control' to Nuclear Power. But it could have easily been about the over-arching force of Global Paedo Rings to control the 'actions of man' i.e. Politics, Religion, Business. There are many (paedo) rings, but the One (global) Ring rules them all.

2) The Children:
in both Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, the child-sized Hobbits are the central theme and these diminutive chaps are TERRORISED by the forces of evil, as a narrative device. Hm, child-sized humans being terrorized by despot rings of ambitious humans. Sound familiar, Paedo Party-goers?

3) The Eye of Sauron:
for many years this has been likened to Big Brother or the All Seeing Eye on the dollar bill, but up north the ONE EYE is a reference to the male penis, it having 'one eye' or sphinctral opening. The Ring is also a euphemism for the male anus; maybe this is why Frodo carries the CRIPPLING BURDEN OF THE RING around his neck throughout the story.

This LOAD OF COCK ends, thusly.


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