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World Trade Center demolitions - the missing evidence - no seismic footprint

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David Hatcher Childress - snakes carved in relief - giant polygonal carved stone walls

Ice Age Cataclysm Model - Elelctric Storms and Megatsunamis - meteor craters and sedimentary rock formation

Hugh Newman Megalithomaniac - Scottish Stone Spheres in Tiwanaku - Druidic Quetzalcoatl in South America?

UK Championship Snooker - Liang Wenbo - cracking day at the office

Outgoing Longwave Radiation - Earthquakes are predictable - Sun Earth interaction

Pasolini (2014) - Abel Ferrara (director) - Willem Dafoe (Pasolini)

Gobekli Tepe - Temple or Council - Diplomatic (rather than religious) Origin