dream - civil war - snipers (plural) on all the rooftops

as Free Planet is not a Prophecy Channel or Predictive Joseph-many-colour-coat-wearing-pundit I really don't know what to do with this... so, I'll just say it.


I'm talking about the dream I had, so it's probably nothing, it's probably just my 'fear of being fired' or something, because there was a lot of it. A lot of firing. A lot of people targeted. A lot of extreme insane ruinous graphic and visceral extermination horror.


I mean, I dream, we all know that. We all do. And sometimes all our dreams get a bit fukced up. We all know this. We accept it. It's how we sleep at nights.


I mean it's alive, this dream world, it's definitely a real place where people go for 'the other portion of their lives' or it wouldn't hurt so perfectly, it wouldn't touch our souls so that we can't believe how we survived the holocaust. Dreaming has to be a real place, somewhere out there in the universe, and it's a place that looks uncannily like this place, this Earth, this corporate-ravaged hell-hole as I call it.


We were huddling together in shivering groups in some crowded skyscraping city. There were bands of hired asset snipers on all the rooftops. Everybody is a target. It was so desperate, so pitiless. Head shot. Body shot. Screaming wounded squirming everywhere. Then they started to come down to the streets in stolen cars and systematically execute everybody. Later on, I escaped by coming across a hand pistol that had a rechargable clip, once emptied it was full again. That last scene was utter gruesome super-slo-mo bullet-tracks-through-two kidnappers graphic. I thought of Harvey Keitel. I couldn't believe how many shots each assailant took.

Half way through, there was a Chinese grandmother at a small iron-barred window who was offering little bitter-warm yellow drinks to 'the lucky'.


teddy bear said…
wife and i have those kind of dreams often, our latest showed the statue of liberty exploding and crumbling done by isis.
total caos at the southern border one big kill zone.
people living in tunnels and in the subway system
people being herded moved west
food wars, canadian army in US
no gas or fuels all been exploded
just a sample
Mike Philbin said…
Sure, but 'isis' isn't who they say they are -- follow the money, and the UVs and the US military boots they wear.

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