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5:05 - dreamtime disruption - message received but not understood

December 1980 RAF Bentwaters - broken arrow event - triangular onyx UFO exhibiting circles of light

Mike Philbin - new paintings - dichotomy series

Wallace Thornhill - The Electrical Universe - The Long Path to Understanding Gravity

JungGi Kim - amazing ink-panoramas - timelapse feature

Free Planet - learn to breathe - calm relaxed confident people

Cal Tech finds Planet Nine - Ten times the mass of the Earth - stalking our outer Solar System

Disney's new Jungle Book trailer literally scares the shit out of Free Planet.

Free Planet - We are not machines, Sebastien, we are physical - Universal Flight Organisms

Steven Greer - Zero Point Energy - The Trans National Corporate Government

Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock - Foundries of Giza

Precesssion of the Skies - reversing through the Zodiac - acceleration and deceleration of Sun-Sirius binary

Brien Foerster - Lost Ancient High Technology - Egypt Before The Pharaohs

Chinese artist Wen Fuliang of Shaanxi Province - intricate and precious - egg shell carvings.

Gobekli Tepe and the Watchers of Eden - Andrew Collins - Swiderian 'architects of civilisation'

Nyoman Wijaya - cow paintings

K-PAX V - Gene Brewer - rereading reinforces my opinion that...

Author and film-maker Peter Valentino says "NYC was nuked on 911" in The PAPAMUNDI Files - Khalezov interview bonus material