Free Planet - learn to breathe - calm relaxed confident people

"We just don't need all this bullshit..." is what we need to realise.


In a world where every person in the world is calm, relaxed and confident in their own crucial position in a Free Planet of Creativity, Passion and Kinship (self-appointed members of the Custodian Liberation) seven billion people will soon realise that all the consumerist guff the modern world throws at us in the name of Corporate War for-profit patent-protect secrecy-terror is just pointless.

We just have to BREATH.

Breathing, it's not that difficult. But it's something not many of us do. Breathing is an art, just like making a picture or playing an instrument. Breathing in for a count of five (hold the breath) breath out for a count of five (hold the breath). Once you've mastered this simple act, start singing, find a tone that lets you feel good and sing.

SING with one voice.

Maybe this Free Planet blog should organise its own TIME-STAMPED "Breathe-athon" ... let's organise this for the coming weekend. We'll choose a time GMT. And then we'll see how much of all this nonsense seems important to us any more.

This weekend: exact time GMT to be confirmed. Give suggestions, those who'll contribute to the "Breathe-athon" in the Comments section.

BREATHE together.


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