Free Planet - We are not machines, Sebastien, we are physical - Universal Flight Organisms

Blade Runner quote, Sebastian.

Why would you show any 'congressional body' evidence of any UFO or flying saucer or strange pulsating mutating organic trans-dimensional entity?

By the time the data is put before them, the UFO is dead. No longer glows. Has no time-space penetrating abilty. Is nothing but a shell. A charcoal sketch of an 'intergalactic horse' or other alien 'beast of burden'. But we're missing a massive trick here...

Maybe mankind has interfaced with these beings before? Maybe these things are contactable via our dreams? Maybe contact with such organic (living (breathing (inter-dimensional (extra-spatial (hyper-luminary)))) UFOs or Universal Flight Organisms back in antediluvian times allowed us to WORK OUT FOR OURSELVES how to machine-carve and antigravity-transport the 200 tonne blocks of pre-Historical stone in our Precession-align'd monuments and sites of archaeological interest around the world. 

"Enigmatic union of inquiring minds," that's surely the goal of Free Planet or we'll be quarantined from 'the Galactic Playground' for many more centuries to come.


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