K-PAX V - Gene Brewer - rereading reinforces my opinion that...

author Gene Brewer

in 2014, my review of K-PAX V (the coming of the bullocks (book five of the K-PAX series (the first book of which was made into the eponymous movie starring Spacek & Bridges))) went online @ Zone-SF...


rereading Gene Brewer's K-PAX V over the Xmas 2015 break reinforced my opinion that...

a) Gene is one of the best speculative writers on the scene at the moment.

b) he's probably never going to forgive me for my 3/5 review of his fifth novel in the K-PAX series.

to which I feel compelled to say, "He's right ... of all the species on this Free Planet, mankind is one ludicrously half-baked fuck-wit of a race who will do anything they're told in the name of some insane corporate fantasy scenario involving their over-hyped and improbable GODMATIC claim to immortality."

I therefore reiterate to Gene, who no longer answers my emails, publicly via this re-review on the Free Planet blog, "K-PAX was way ahead of its time. Of course by now they should have made the K-PAX IV film starring the gorilla-sized chimp 'fled'. The live-and-let-live ideologies and passions of the visiting-alien 'prot' were the major stimulus behind what would eventually and organically become my Free Planet vs War World dual/duelling trilogies. Gene Brewer, I implore you, please go back in and eradicate the AFTERWORD chapter from the back end of K-PAX V. They go away, they come back, they tell of their findings. Done. Five stars. New K-PAX movie reboot." 

Show what would most likely happen to the for-profit patent-protecting Human Race, Gene, make man properly set time aside to 'think' about the lie of his fast-food loose-moral Corporate War lifestyle.


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