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Star Wars 7 - The Force Awakens - first teaser trailer

Author interview with Mike Philbin - author of Custodian (free planet #1) - Hunters of Reloria

Abby Martin - Jesse Ventura - Off The Grid + 9/11 re-investigation!

Hertzan Chimera Unit - size of an HC Unit - atoms are flat created between two planes.

Gravity - the earth moves towards the free-falling bowling ball and the feathers?

photorealism - Gottfried Helnwein - his latest works

Military Cancer - It's not mine to own - it's ours to share

Romanian hacker Guccifer says Nuke Chicago in 2015 conspiracy i.e. Illuminati plan.

9/11 - THE SENSIBLE DOUBT - Danish documentary about 9/11

Milo Manara – Story of Humanity - warning meat is murder

Christopher Story - Yuri Bezmenov - Globalist Leninist Ticking Timebomb?

Ruben Ireland - Illustration - master of cool

SRM - Solar Radiation Management - chemtrails is 4 real

MIF or Magic Intel Face - OMOTE - Moving Digital Makeup Projected in Real Time

former Lockheed Martin engineer Boyd Bushman - aliens are among us - UFOs are real

ISM'nt - the new Free Planet - campaign slogan