Hertzan Chimera Unit - size of an HC Unit - atoms are flat created between two planes.

the thickness of the dotted line
random HC Unit thought for 2014:
imagine you've just done the washing up, you've washed two same size drinking glasses and they fit together one on top of the other to 'dry' on the side. You come back an hour or so later and bubbles of 'not properly rinsed' water have lodged themselves between the two same size glasses (or planes of glass) and they're all (roughly) the same size.

Like atoms of a similar energy state.

And, I know this isn't how it'd work, for sure, but, what if, "There are two boundaries to the potential 'size' of an atom based on two planes of influence pressing down upon the atom?"

It was a part of the original HC Unit illustration (above) an inner and an outer 'pressure' pressing down upon the physical excess of any active HC Unit. The excess phase being the 'bit we see' in this dimension i.e. the red (clockwise) spin and the green (anti-clockwise) spin in the above HC Unit schematic image. The pressure of a HC Unit's excess is countered by this WEIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE.

The proposed HC Unit exists in a non-space, it's any potential atom, only showing itself when it produces excess spin which pours through into our 'real' or 'physical' dimension. Universal Equilibrium (in the real universe) quickly settles the debt (at the speed of light) and the whole weight of the universe pushes the excess back into the HC Unit from whence it came.

Depending on the energy contained in (or passing through) the HC Unit at the time of the UE-interaction the 'size' of the atom will be shown to be different. HC Unit atoms are made up of links of HC Units working in series, feeding each other in cycles of ninety degrees out-of-phase pulsation, feeding their excess into the opening of a neighbour HC Unit in the Atom Chain.

In summary, these two planes of influence that dictate the size of an atom made of HC Units show that atoms are technically TWO DIMENSIONAL, squished together in rings between these planes. Atoms are flat, made of links of equal sized HC Units. Themselves squished by external planar forces we as yet don't understand.


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