former Lockheed Martin engineer Boyd Bushman - aliens are among us - UFOs are real

"Mike, if you're a proponent of the savage intel-game sponsored by Boyd Bushman and the Area 51 cronies, why put it in the 'science fiction' category?" you'll be askin'.

Well, alleged former Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments engineer Boyd Bushman makes quite an astounding series of claims in the following video, with alleged photographs to back up his 'deathbed confession'... 

  • 'Quintonians' (the alien race) live for 200+ years 
  • they fly the 68 light years to Earth in 45 years
  • they have heads-up displays in their UFOs

Boyd doesn't say why they are interacting with the authorities via Area 51 in America...

or are we just seeing the ruthless indoctrination of a government operative/scientist?

OH, AND BY THE WAY: this...


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