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Earth's water came from Saturn... major electric universe revelation.

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9/11 update - Dr Judy Wood - the ALCHEMY device

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Hecate - rocking hell - from sunny Finland

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No Man's SKy - NEXT coming next week - Star Citizen R.I.P.

flying car - finally a decent contender - Black Fly

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Trailer - Cage - Mandy

Maths is screwed - zero and infinity - what base ten really looks like

Japanese MMA - Tenshin Nasukawa - kick ass kid

Ancient History - The future has already happened - Rewriting our past.

Wales - the Land of Kings - full version...

E3 Scorn - gameplay trailer - gigertastic nonsense

E3 Hideo Kojima - Death Stranding - Lyndsay Wagner

No Man's Sky at E3... evil WARE memos ahoy... super MOD'd multi-player

Electric Universe - Alien Sky - Pyramids in an electric environment

Electric Universe meet Atlantis - Discourses on an Alien Sky - brand new episode

Electric Universe - giant stone balls - Olmec heads etc...

Ancient Architects - Stonehenge - were the stones always there?

Brian Foerster - Ancient Egypt - ten to twelve foot mummies in the Cairo Museum?

Electric Universe - Peter Mungo Jupp - Comets and Asteroids are the same thing

Ancient Egypt - Stephen Mehler - or rather Ancient Khemit, Land of Osiris

Mike Philbin - abstract art - site update

Electric Universe - Yamnaya people - proto-Saturnian-split date?

Cambridgeshire 1,000 BC - Must Farm - Our very own Pompeii?

Electric Universe - The Atlantis Connection - Earth's Valles Marenaris.

Asteroid discoveries in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter 1980-2011

Ancient Egypt - Moulded concrete - what if this is true?

Electric Universe - EYE OF THE SAHARA - an electric discharge feature?

Jeremy Corbell - Patient Seventeen - not from this GALAXY

Tutankhamun - Tuthmose - where's the difference?

Electrical Engineers - Electric Universe - Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Bukkakeworld - Planet of the Owls - Tenth Anniversary Editions...

Brien Foerster - Paracas elongated skulls of Peru - mitochondrial DNA results are in

this look so cool - Han Solo - teaser trailer

Megalithomania - Howard Crowhurst - Nebra Sky Disc and location data

Electric Universe - charge exchange reaction - outer planets of the solar system

Russia Today - Jesse Ventura - The Day The Earth Stood Still

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Electric Universe - 2018 truths emerge - universe is electric