Electric Universe - HC Unit - rotating plasmoid found!

you all know I had this dream back in 1985 of water flowing down a constant slope past a spinning engine that (if overloaded) spat out excess water WITH the flow of water or AGAINST it. I always suspected I'd had a Kekule-like revelatory dream about an atomic model for hydrogen...

And I could never really come up with a physical model for this 'machine'. The WITH excess water was proton-ic, the AGAINST excess water was electron-ic. I surmised therefore that space was an ether or medium that sped towards these positively or negatively excessing Hertzan Chimera Units, as I called these machines, at the speed of light. Light reflecting some Tetris-like fill-in property of the universe. The neutron is just THE MACHINE spinning the flow with no excess flow.

But what is this flow?

Maybe Kristian Birkeland and his eponymous pairs of electric current that form a hyperactive plasmoid where they Z-PINCH to a focal point is the answer. Why am I convinced? Well, the excess product of these z-pinches on a galactic scale shoots out PROTONS in one direction and ELECTRONS in another direction. Around the central z-pinch, also, are upwards of 56 or 128 or more pairs or triplets to form planar rings of the larger atoms.

Why can't a massively scaled-down version of 'supernova 1987a' be how hydrogen atoms are engineered?


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