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Mike Philbin art - Introversions & Dichotomies 2017 - Caffe Nero Blackwell Oxford solo show

art - mike philbin - black, black, paint it black...

dreams - pull your finger out

Cameron - Rodriguez - Alita: Battle Angel

abstract art - Mike Philbin - new solo exhibition in Oxford UK

Klimt and Schiele MET?

Steven Boucher - Earth is 'just a ride' - the spiritual/historical aspect of the UFO experience

Marjoleine Boonstra - Icarus Films Documentary - The Silence of Mark Rothko

Donald W Patten - Biblical floods - Catastrophic climate and geology

Electric Universe - this changes everything - no going back iff

dreams - the Perfect House - Turning Potatoes

Pierre-Marie Robitaille - the sun is made of condensed matter - sheets of metallic hydrogen

Jeff Kutzler - Protocols of Zion - this is not MY Free Planet

Ken O'Keeffe - corporate 9/11 commentary - World War 3 is ON like Donkey Kong, people

David Talbott - Alien Sky - a remember'd age of gods and wonders

Suspicious Observers - Strong Solar-Climate Link Discovered - Open Peer Review

Pierre-Marie Robitaille - The Solar Spectrum - why the Sun is not a ball of gas

Ancient Voyagers - Scandinavians traded with Native Canadians - 1700 BC

9/11 - Rebekah Roth - her testimony is still valid sixteen years later

Electric Universe - UFO crop circles - Earth plasma communications?

Mike Philbin - Introversions & Dichotomies - first art sale of the year

dream - five brain implants - increasing level of pain

Electric Universe - artificial coal formation - ages of dinosaurs shrink

Robert Sepehr - Astrotheology - five vowels of seven...

Free Planet - it's not even yours - to give back

dreams - black bug mouth - cosmology thinking lateral movement

Jennifer Lawrence - Red Sparrow - new Cold War resurgence?

9/11 - I was surprised by this connection - how the future is made

9/11 Collapses Violated Fundamental Laws of Physics

David Chandler - The Physics of 9/11 - this guy nails it

Corbett Report - 911 The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy - Full Documentary

Crop Circles - what are they - who or what is making them

Edwin Hubble - big bang red shift - or some new principle of nature

Electric Universe - electric comets - the evidence grows.

dreams - tourists - very tall chinese

Electric Universe - Mars - Maven

Electric Universe - Bob Johnson - revisiting the Electric Sun

Electric Universe - Astrotas 2014 presentation - Thornhill and Talbott deserve a Nobel Prize

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Electric Universe -- Yeahright Planetary Stencilling -- increased gravity during Saturn-Sun transition....

Electric Universe - Alex Mott - Rethinking Egypt

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Electric Universe 2017 - Duardu Cardona r.i.p. - worlds in collision and such...

Electric Universe - Electric Mars-Earth - electromagnetic excavation of continents

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Electric Universe - Peter Dawkins - Britain's Connection with the Planetary Chakras, Atlantis and Hyperborea

dream - thor's hammer and the ginger bull of domestic protection - pyongyang guams trump

Lucy Wyatt - Indo-European cuckoos - Ukrainian horse people are our ancestors

Mike Philbin - Introversions & Dichotomies 2017 - the three ancient names of Saturn

Electric Universe - Anthony Peratt 2005 presentation - fifty-six Aubrey Holes at Stonehenge

Electric Universe - Peter Mungo Jupp - Electric Transmutation

Richard Dolan - hard historical researcher - unleashes on ISIS i.e. the USA war machine.

Linda Moulton Howe - Gobekli Tepe - how's your Katakana, mate?

Lee Van Cleef - Holy Smoke - just listen to it...

Electric Universe - Species with Amnesia - effects of discharge plasma attack on Earth?

Paul Hellyer - once-Canadian Defense Minister - The Cabal is out to get Trump!

Jogging news update.

Wal Thornhill - Juno Mission - The Hollow Anatomy of Jupiter

Grand Solar Minimum - atmospheric compression - impact on food production, location and energy

Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille - solid Hydrogen lattice - data supports pseudo-metallic sun

Electric Universe - proto-Saturn - Ruler of Aquarius

Mike Philbin abstract art - Wix site overhaul - 2016 and 2017 content update

David Talbott - Thunderbolts Project - Saturn Ra Solar Battles

Electric Universe - Hertzan Chimera Unit 2017 - reappraisal and reassessment