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Free Planet returns - GPS watches always give you - the correct local time.

art - Tran Nguyen - place the woman down in the suburbs...

new Takashi Miike horror film - Kuime theatrical trailer - Over Your Dead Body

TEMPEST dream - 1950's facial torture - I get no kick from Novocaine

Frank Medrano - amazing vegan fitness - meat is murder

Sports Report - Wimbledon Tennis Tournament - Andrey Kuznetsov

Chili Thom - underwater series

Orion Man - Return of the Giants - our Ancient Alien Ancestors might never come back

bamboo look woven jewellery box - silent jogging clairvoyance test - some blue jewel?

Google driverless taxi - where would you like to go? - home James!

War World - WE ARE ALL CONSCRIPTS - Attention!

Chimeraworld resurgence going on...

Video art - Vincent Brady - Toroidal Sky

Art - Alyssa Monks - photorealism gone painterly

9/11 emergency broadcast - "Until the Twin Towers come crumbling down!" - surreal and stupid enough to be authentic Predictive Programming

Asian paleo pioneers - twenty thousand years of missing American Settlement chronology?

walk - Bath skyline - six miles

The Futuro House - get this thing powered up with a decent anti-grav engine - and a floating taxi ride home

SWA flight attendant - stand-up - just do what we say and nobody gets hurt

I think my Alsation would sniff out this robo-impostor

Austrian artist Wilhelm Bernatzik - Gate to Paradise, 1906