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Free Planet returns - GPS watches always give you - the correct local time.

it's been a while since I did a dedicated Free Planet blogpost but here's a new one: GPS WATCHES.

"We already have GPS-watches, Mike, ya dumb-ass!" and you'd be right. You'd be impolite, and (hence) a little bit off-topic, but you'd be right.

We do already have GPS-enabled watches, but we only use half the functionality of them. We know where we are but not really when we are.

You confused?

Well, let's put it like this, "The Sun crosses the sky all day, every day," and we always know the path for any given set of GPS coordinates. We have tables of the Sun's path across the sky at any date in the future. Even with Earth's seasonal wobble, we can always find the noon-point. That's the highest point in the sky the sun will achieve for any given day in the next few hundred years.

This is The Real Time - and it's local to where you are on the planet, or should be.

"But we already have this, Mike, ya dumb-ass!" and again…

art - Tran Nguyen - place the woman down in the suburbs...

Tran Nguyenis a Georgia-based gallery artist and freelance illustrator. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States, she is fascinated with creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle, exploring the mind's landscape. Her paintings are created with a soft, delicate quality using colored pencil and acrylic on paper. [source TRAN NGUYEN]

There's something really special (and haunted) about Tran Nguyen's subtle artwork, especially the images in this claustrophobic suburban series.

new Takashi Miike horror film - Kuime theatrical trailer - Over Your Dead Body

it's always a joy (to this blogger) when Japanese director Takashi Miike turns his hand to horror.
Most noted for his Yakuza-action films, it's his insane horror depictions in films such as Audition, Imprint and Ichi The Killer that gets this blogger excited.
Here he is with a new one KUIME (over your dead body) and it looks suitably weird and gory.

A pair of lovers, who act in the same play, are thrown into their own hell where the play begins to unfold horrifyingly in real life.

TEMPEST dream - 1950's facial torture - I get no kick from Novocaine

over the past several days, the visually intense dreams have started again, vivid dreams, memorable dreams.

It all started a few days ago when a being of very intense points of light came for a visit. The points of light were primary colours, like the colours in the original Tempest game.

Tempest looked just like that graphic there. But, in the next dream, an old games-industry boss tasked me to update Tempest as a totally realistic 3D-shooter. Kinda like playing Spiderman crawling up walls and such while the enemies approached along all domestic surfaces. Then (this morning) came Tempest's spikes.

Remember those. You don't wanna catch yourself Levelling Up on a spike'd trail. Especially not when those spikes are employed by who you consider to be an intelligence colleague in a 1950's brothel. This big fat older man, this spy or agent, through whose eyes I was looking, was interrupted in prostitute coitus and then his tongue was deadened with what I thought was a seri…

Frank Medrano - amazing vegan fitness - meat is murder

Meat is murder...

...this is one of the Key Claims of Free Planet. We have to let the 'other lifeforms' have their life and their space, too. But then you have those meat-heads who claim, "A keynt git mah pwotein wivout mah meet," to which I say 'Frank Medrano is a Vegan'.

Watch and learn.

Sports Report - Wimbledon Tennis Tournament - Andrey Kuznetsov

here it is then, another 'rare' sports report from Free Planet. And it concerns former Wimbledon junior tennis champion, Andrey Kuznetsov (Russian tennis player, 1991 - ). He's never won a Grand Slam match against a top ten player. He's been kicking arse in this year's Wimbledon tennis tournament. He's currently in the fifth set against Spain's David Ferrer... Kuznetsov's a really laid back player, he's got the moves, he's got the style, let's see if he has the staying power against a seed like Ferrer. If he's not kicked out this match, it'll be worth following his progress towards the quarters, the semis, the... HOURS LATER NEWS UPDATE: Kuznetsov beats Ferrer.

28th JUNE 2014: Mayer destroys Kuznetsov.
in a rather disappointing 3-0 defeat by Argentinian Leonardo Mayer, young Kuznetsov leaves the Wimbledon Tennis Championship - potential not realised.

Chili Thom - underwater series

Chili Thom is a legend ...
Being born and raised in British Columbia has offered me an interesting and inspiring life hiking and exploring the vast and beautiful wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. As a small child I developed a keen interest in the outdoors as well as in the arts. At the age of nineteen I studied very briefly at the University of British Columbia in Fine Arts but, not finding the guidance I was looking for, I decided to return to the wilderness and also began exploring acrylic paints.
Working primarily in acrylic paints I've developed a style that uses linear brush strokes, unique perspectives and saturated colours to capture a sense of motion and the passage of time in my landscapes to invoke a mood similar to actually being out there in the hills. [source CHILI THOM]
...and his underwater series is breathtaking. I'm also a big fan of his Homage to Mucha series:

Orion Man - Return of the Giants - our Ancient Alien Ancestors might never come back

author of The Hidden Records, Wayne Herschel has found The Planet of Our Ancient Alien Ancestors, and knows where it was positioned in the sky 17,250 years ago. Wayne has some strange thoughts about our Ancient Ancestors and I kinda-quote "Once Humanity finds the planet of this 'one god' all religious wars will end." Seriously?
We all know WAR isn't about God. Even if it's a claimed Holy War or Crusade or Jihad. War is generally more to do with THE GAME of Ownership and Leadership and Indoctrination. Wars will happen even without God, it's like hyenas fighting over a piece of meat in lean times. But an invented God-figure is a GREAT EXCUSE for righteous action at home and abroad, eh? Until we adopt a Free Planet mentality where we are the Custodians of our home world in a DO RIGHT BY fashion, wars or possession and me me me will always happen.

Question: won't knowing which planet our Ancient Alien Ancestors departed from Last Migration, mean a) we mi…

bamboo look woven jewellery box - silent jogging clairvoyance test - some blue jewel?

I don't know about this one, but it's weird, so I'll relate it. I've just been out jogging in the glorious sunshine. You know when you're alone in the countryside, footstep follows footstep, all the time there's this song or thought or 'noise' in your head. A voice, questions you have, things you wanna do, say, be. Well, I tried. I tried really hard to filter out all this noise, this internal voice. And instantly, I got this image come through. Of a box. I could hold the box in my hands. It was about 'that big', you know, if you had your two hands like you were holding something like a jewellery box or sewing box it'd fit. I was intrigued by this item, sat there in my jogging mind. I was really out running, this is not a dream jog or virtual jog. The tarmac/gravel/grass was beneath my running shoes. I was out in the open air. This box was made of thin strips of pine, I thought, at first. But woven pine? Can pine do that? But the colour was …

Google driverless taxi - where would you like to go? - home James!

when this corporate-robot-car flies DIRECTLY to its destination, then I'll get in one.

Remember the hapless Johnny Cab from Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall? Well, there's no question whether Google's driveless taxi would know whether you were a 'sir, or madam'. Google got all your (detailed) files. Plus, the Google-monolith hanging all over our heads like a damning Sword of Damocles? Good idea, when we could be living on a Free Planet? FREE PLANET PEANUT TAXI (1): 

War World - WE ARE ALL CONSCRIPTS - Attention!

CONSCRIPTION: Compulsory enlistment for state service, typically into the armed forces. Typically, into the armed forces. You know why they put that caveat in there? Because it's NOT ALWAYS into the armed forces. It can be (and is regularly) into all sorts of aspects of our so-called not-at-war WWS or War World System. 1) World of War work conscription: most of us have to go to work to support our families; to feed, clothe and house them? Most jobs do insist on you having a medical (pictured above) so how is this any different from what happens to "soldiers"? 2) World of War rent conscription: most of us have to pay rent to either a landlord or a mortgage holder to live in a dwelling, to have a roof over our family's heads. You are subjected to 'medical examinations' i.e. references and credit history - accept the prostate exam, slaves. 3) World of War dogma conscription: God is on our side in the corporate war against our enemies, this is what organised rel…

Chimeraworld resurgence going on...

you may not have heard about the Chimeraworld series.
It was an annual book project of horror, weird, bizarre stories from writers from around the world, that I edited for six years i.e. six editions published via Chimericana Books.
I'm bringing this up now because Chimeraworld seems to be making a bit of a comeback, a resurgence.

Video art - Vincent Brady - Toroidal Sky

While experimenting with different photography tricks and techniques back in 2012, photographer Vincent Brady was shooting 360 degree panoramas in the daytime and long exposures of the stars streaking in the sky at night. It suddenly became clear to Brady that the potential to combine the two techniques could be a trip! Since the Earth is rotating at a steady 1,040 mph he created a custom rig of 4 cameras with fisheye lenses to capture the entire night-sky in motion. The images show the stars rotating around the north star as well as the effect of the southern pole as well and a 360 degree panorama of the scene on Earth.

Because his four-camera fish-eye lens system shoots the front and the back of the sky, the east and the west at the same time, it's like the universe of stars are flowing on the inside of a doughnut.

Crazy, but beautiful.

Art - Alyssa Monks - photorealism gone painterly

a few years back, I did an art feature on then-photorealist painter Alyssa Monks. Above are a couple of examples of the kind of painting from her pre-2011 period. And it was an idle thought. I just wondered, "What has Alyssa Monks been up to recently?"
Born 1977 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Alyssa Monks began oil painting as a child. She studied at The New School in New York and Montclair State University and earned her B.A. from Boston College in 1999. During this time she studied painting at Lorenzo de’Medici in Florence. [source Alyssa Monks]
I visited her site for a quick visual update and it's evident that, since those lovely large-scale works of her 2006-2011 period, her technique has slackened, the paint thickened, the palette enlivened. This image in particular from 2011 reminds one of an enhanced frame from Richard Linklater's cartoony adaptation of Philip K Dick's A Scanner Darkly, and there's nothing wrong with that. The more recent works, however, sm…

9/11 emergency broadcast - "Until the Twin Towers come crumbling down!" - surreal and stupid enough to be authentic Predictive Programming

MEGA POWERS and the defenseless Elizabeth (wow) - TWIN TOWERS - Akeem the African Dream and the Big Boss Man, their manager The Slickster committed to his 'terrorist attacks'.
In 1989, WWF Wrestlers Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage predict destruction of the Twin Towers!

Proof that Condoleeza Rice never watched WWF, as it was called back then. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY intellectual diversion: "If we don't save the galaxy, who will?"
Now, you gotta ask, "What's the real motivational driver for 'galaxy saving'?"

Asian paleo pioneers - twenty thousand years of missing American Settlement chronology?

in the Settlement of the Americas, there appears to be a gap in the immigration chronology of twenty thousand years. The first is the short chronology theory, with the first movement (across the Beringia land bridge) beyond Alaska into the New World occurring no earlier than 15,000–17,000 years ago, followed by successive waves of immigrants. The second belief is the long chronology theory, which proposes that the first group of people entered the hemisphere at a much earlier date, possibly 21,000–40,000 years ago, with a much later mass secondary wave of immigrants. [source WIKIPEDIA] Now, just because there's potential for such an early wave of immigration, doesn't mean they 'did'. It's later explained how ice sheets could have blocked further southerly investigation of the Americas. Migrants from northeastern Asia could have walked to Alaska with relative ease when Beringia was above sea level. But traveling south from Alaska to the rest of North America may…

walk - Bath skyline - six miles

yesterday, we went for a walk. Got on a train. Got off at Didcot. Got on a second train. Got off at Bath. Walked the Bath skyline route. Picnic'd. Meandered. Chatted. Lovely warm day. Nice locals. Couple hours out in the countryside. Came home. Here are some other images from our route (non animated).

The Futuro House - get this thing powered up with a decent anti-grav engine - and a floating taxi ride home

Here are some 'real' pictures of the Futuro House: get an anti-grav engine on this thing, and take a floating taxi ride home.

The idea I'm trying to show is that you can have your Futuro House 'however you want'. And you know what surprises me? That no one's put together a FOLD AWAY VERSIONinterior to maximise the day time phase, the evening phase and the night time phase of living on the Futuro-fly. Like they do with caravans, have furniture that stows away and flips out, make more time-localised use of the space. Maybe someone needs to run a Competition. :) Here's how I see a Free Planet 'family home' version where a) the Engine is used as the Taxi and b) the Floating Homes can link into what I call Diversities.

SWA flight attendant - stand-up - just do what we say and nobody gets hurt

somebody REALLY wants to 'give up the day job' and go on the stand-up circuit ... fifteen million views already.

I think my Alsation would sniff out this robo-impostor

the latest creation from Darpa-Dyne, Petman became Atlas: fire up the counter robo-drones and let's survive against this insane Propagandist future.

NOTICE how Atlas isn't burdened with the research cost of Asimo's sexy-sensitive robotic gripping hands and fingers, when HIS ENTIRE FOREARMS will be fore-armed. That's why you don't see it here, it would be TOO HORRIFIC for the vast majority of the viewing public. Guns, flame throwers, robo-to-personnel missiles. All to keep You The People trembling in your over-expensive homes watching useless telly and fearfully indulging in all that succulent e-Commerce.

I also wondered what a(n) ASIMO vs ATLAS robot war would look like, yeah... five footers vs six footers all over again.

Austrian artist Wilhelm Bernatzik - Gate to Paradise, 1906

many thanks to Francisco Philipe Cruz for bringing to my attention this excellent oil on canvas - Gate To Paradise by Austrian artist Wilhelm Bernatzik.