Chili Thom - underwater series

Chili Thom is a legend ...

Being born and raised in British Columbia has offered me an interesting and inspiring life hiking and exploring the vast and beautiful wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. As a small child I developed a keen interest in the outdoors as well as in the arts. At the age of nineteen I studied very briefly at the University of British Columbia in Fine Arts but, not finding the guidance I was looking for, I decided to return to the wilderness and also began exploring acrylic paints.

Working primarily in acrylic paints I've developed a style that uses linear brush strokes, unique perspectives and saturated colours to capture a sense of motion and the passage of time in my landscapes to invoke a mood similar to actually being out there in the hills. [source CHILI THOM]

...and his underwater series is breathtaking.
I'm also a big fan of his Homage to Mucha series:


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