bamboo look woven jewellery box - silent jogging clairvoyance test - some blue jewel?

I don't know about this one, but it's weird, so I'll relate it.
I've just been out jogging in the glorious sunshine.
You know when you're alone in the countryside, footstep follows footstep, all the time there's this song or thought or 'noise' in your head. A voice, questions you have, things you wanna do, say, be. Well, I tried. I tried really hard to filter out all this noise, this internal voice.
And instantly, I got this image come through. Of a box. I could hold the box in my hands. It was about 'that big', you know, if you had your two hands like you were holding something like a jewellery box or sewing box it'd fit. I was intrigued by this item, sat there in my jogging mind. I was really out running, this is not a dream jog or virtual jog. The tarmac/gravel/grass was beneath my running shoes. I was out in the open air.
This box was made of thin strips of pine, I thought, at first. But woven pine? Can pine do that? But the colour was right. So, I thought about tatami mats the Japanese use for their flooring. But there was an element of bamboo about it too, woven bamboo or even papyrus. I'm sure there was like a little bamboo strip that kept the lid closed. I could turn the thing in my head and feel its textures, all while jogging. In the sun.
Inside, I wondered. What's inside? I opened the lid in my mind.
Blue. A blue thing. I thought it was something like a sapphire or some other semi-precious stone, a large one. Something BLUE. The gem idea didn't really fit and I put the image to one side.
It's been an hour since I got back from my jog, so I did a search and very quickly found this:
Inside, have a look at the second picture of four on the link (above), the 'blue thing' turned out to be a little vanity mirror set inside the lid showing what looks like the owner's jeans. LOL.

Additionally, if you look at the little compartments inside the box, they look exactly like a vertically mirror'd 円 sign i.e. Japanese money. I guess 'seek and ye shall find' means it's easy to fool yourself into believing anything, as long as it's that thing you're looking for.



lady judy said…
Pandora's box--is a symbol of insight-- a box of hidden things deep in ones own self --the idea is to deal with dark things hidden inside ,to free up what has not been processed.

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