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photorealist art - Christiane Vleugels - Timeless Abundance

World Trade Center demolitions - the missing evidence - no seismic footprint

dream - civil war - snipers (plural) on all the rooftops

Ancient Egypt - how to cut a stone sarcophagus lid - use diamond tipped circular saw

Rebekah Roth - ex-flight attendant - analyses the Betty Ong 27-minute phone call...

Camelspotting - various artists - music from the Middle East

9/11 legacy - untold (pictorial) story - Kurt Sonnenfeld

Walter Cruttenden - Precession-free Sirius - The Lost Star Of Myth And Time?

David Hatcher Childress - snakes carved in relief - giant polygonal carved stone walls

Ice Age Cataclysm Model - Elelctric Storms and Megatsunamis - meteor craters and sedimentary rock formation

Hugh Newman Megalithomaniac - Scottish Stone Spheres in Tiwanaku - Druidic Quetzalcoatl in South America?

UK Championship Snooker - Liang Wenbo - cracking day at the office

Outgoing Longwave Radiation - Earthquakes are predictable - Sun Earth interaction

Pasolini (2014) - Abel Ferrara (director) - Willem Dafoe (Pasolini)

Gobekli Tepe - Temple or Council - Diplomatic (rather than religious) Origin

Unravel - Yarny - side scrolling platformer reborn

What if the Nephilim (or Annunaki) were not the so-called Fallen Angels... what if they're Homo Capensis?

Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set five (the early edition)

Tjalf Sparnaay - photorealist - par excellance

Gorrem - Devon Cady-Lee - Dune series

Chiharu Shiota - Venice Biennale Arte 56 - The Key in the Hand installation

Dinosaurs in the Bible - ARC of Tsunami - Cataclysmic stratification

Prometheus 2 - Alien: Covenant - due in 2017

Michael Cremo - modern human bones, footprints and artefacts - 20 to 600 million years older than we thought

Religious Indoctrination - torture and terror - belief and faith

Ancient Egypt - lost technologies - lathe turned stone

The Holy Bible - the Serpent electric - Tree of Knowledge

Hertzan Chimera - Free Planet vs War World - how the dual/duelling trilogies might have looked

Project Iron Bear - Campaign to return King Arthur to Wales - multiple supporters coming forward

The Earth Expands WITHOUT Gaining Mass - Peter Woodhead - Andrew Johnson

Proto-celtic sounds nothing like Welsh, Irish, Breton, Cornish, Manx or Pictish...

The Fossilised Tree at the heart of the Bryn Celli Ddu long barrow on Druidic Anglesey

Wayland Smithey - Neolithic chambered long barrow - wet & windy walk in the wilderness