David Hatcher Childress - snakes carved in relief - giant polygonal carved stone walls

pyramids exist all over the world - in Egypt, South America, Cambodia, China and Japan.

at the foot of many ancient stone temples and buildings of antiquity (Baalbek in Lebanon, Cuzco in Peru, Etruria in Italy to name but three...) you'll find a much earlier level of stonework that is astonishing for its complexity of construction and seeming defiance of gravity. Polygonal Stone-masonry, where multi-tonne irregular-sized blocks of granite and other hard stones are lined up using a mortarless technique resembling a jigsaw or stone puzzle, seems to hark back to an earlier time in human existence.

the snake is a potent image often related to these Ancient (Ancient!) Ruins, carved in relief and/or formed by the stone blocks themselves, in fact many nature gods are carved into these stone blocks prior to arrangement as these walls and monuments. Oh, please don't watch this video thinking Free Planet (for one minute) condones Childress' talk of ancient aliens or magical powers. It's more about the Antediluvian (pre-Flood i.e. 9,600 B.C.) Loss of Ancient Ingenuity prior to the Fall of Man into Corporate Consumerist Hell and Programmed Idiocracy.

a Lost Global Race, the evidence is stacking up...


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