Hugh Newman Megalithomaniac - Scottish Stone Spheres in Tiwanaku - Druidic Quetzalcoatl in South America?

I like (travelling researcher) Hugh Newman's cavalier presentation style and delivery, he comes across as a thoroughly convincing plethora-of-ideas-merchant or paranoid-pattern-finder aka A Legend Builder. If you look at other presentations Hugh's done, you'll see he gathers a global eclectica into his view of our hidden world and the Lost History of the Ancients.

Here he frenetically presents his detailed + illustrated thoughts on the origin of the the Winged Serpent i.e Quetzalcoatl, but as a white-skinned long-robed lasergun-holstered beardy-diplomat (a classical description of (apart from the lasergun) a co-called "Druid") who brought all sorts of Modern Farming Ideas, Writing and Star Observation to South America. Druids sharing their knowledge globally? Why not, isn't it obvious that the so-called Druids weren't just a Celtic cult but were a Global Ginger Thought Army long before the Roman Empire arrived to eradicate them from Britannia.

and if you enjoyed that, watch Hugh's reaction when he finds Scottish Carved Spheres at the Temple of Tiwanaku Museum. Credit where credit's due, Hugh really puts in the archaeological and theoretical milage.


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