World Trade Center demolitions - the missing evidence - no seismic footprint

comparison of 'controlled demolition events' to show the WTC weirdness


this random thought comes from the realisation that 'something very strange' happened on the fateful day of September 11th 2001.

It's like PHYSICS WAS IN DENIAL with tops of buildings flowing through path of greatest resistance i.e the majority of lower floors. And the debris pile, expected to be 12% or so for a 'traditional controlled demolition' just didn't exist. Where did the millions of tonnes of steel and concrete go as WTC1 and WTC 2 (and WTC3thru7) fell into their own footprint with barely an explosive whisper or seismic spike of such mass slamming into the Manhattan bedrock?

Millions of tonnes of dust spilling out of the seven buildings of the WTC Complex all day, no heat from non-existent incendiary charges placed around columns and supportive structures as in a traditional demolition implosion, no seismic evidence from the falling of millions of tonnes of concrete and steel to the sidewalk, reams and reams of paper everywhere (couldn't the WTC7 Enron Documentation have been lifted off the floor) BUT the jumpers ... the jumpers are the real enigma and tend to support a microwave-demolition event i.e. they were being cooked inside the building, and thus preferred to jump rather than stay where they were.

WHAT IF 9/11 WAS SOME KIND OF CYNICAL RANSOM EVENT or CORPORATE THREAT from some private Spectre-like Weapons-group? A global Free Evergy take-over? Nothing more than a simple move on the Conglomerate Chess Board?

FURTHER VIEWING: for those who want a more detailed presentation of WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO you've gotta watch this, too.


Regena said…
I really do have a door from there. My dad was a New York City carpenter and was told to remove a door in the early seventies due to asbestos.

My father only wanted a souvenir from there and brought the door home which I can post pictures of undermine Regena d profile. My dad died in 1995 it would never have had imagined anything so horrific would occur.

Although I have not found a way to prove this I do believe the store should be in a museum. Although it may be too Emotional for some to view. Any suggestions on how I can prove this would be appreciated and can be sent to my email which is under my profile. Thank you be well stay safe

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