UK Championship Snooker - Liang Wenbo - cracking day at the office

like a rocket
brief update on the virtually unknown (in this country) Liang Wenbo who's having what you might call a cracking day at the office against Marco Fu in this year's UK Championship Snooker tournament from York.

First three frames: consecutive century i.e. 100+, breaks to Liang.

DAY LATER UPDATE: Liang came back from a slight slump mid-match to win 6-5, meaning he's in the semi-finals ... go Wenbo!

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Liang came back from another slump to beat the (even more unknown) David Grace, so he's now in this year's final against the totally-ruthless and insanely-talented Neil Robertson. David vs Goliath of a match if ever there was one. Major upset on the horizon? Or 'just another day in the office' from Robertson. Matchplay starts at 1300 hours GMT.


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