photorealist art - Christiane Vleugels - Timeless Abundance

Timeless finds a new home.
regular readers of this blog know what a photorealism fanboy I am, and I've been meaning to feature the stunning photorealist portraiture of Belgian artist Christiane Vleugels for a long time... well, now the opportunity has arisen in the form of the finished and sold painting Timeless.

Christiane Vleugels has an impeccable eye for photorealistic detail and you can find many examples of her large scale portraits on her Raipun page, but for now, and uniquely, let's concentrate on the one piece that I've been obsessively following the progress of through its various stages of completion.

Finally, Timeless can be fully revealed to the readers of Free Planet in all its photorealistic glory.

Timeless by Christiane Vleugels, oil on canvas

AFTERNOON UPDATE: of course I just can't leave it at that... here's another gorgeous piece from Christiane Vleugels, this time on the subject of Abundance.

Abundance by Christiane Vleugels, oil on canvas


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