Ancient Egypt - how to cut a stone sarcophagus lid - use diamond tipped circular saw

in the following (very short) video, filmed at the Cairo Museum, an Ancient Egyptian stone sarcophagus is shown in part-construction... it has the inner cored out and the lid was being sliced off the back of the granite block, oh then some accident happened and it snapped. There are two possible reasons...

a) this is a modern i.e. 20th century, attempt to hack a lid off an abandoned stone sarcophagus or casket - why you would wanna do that is beyond understanding.

b) this is evidence of Misplaced Technology (or machine drilling and sawing where there should only be copper chisels or meteoritic iron tools) used in the construction and creation of the buildings and decorations and art of the Ancient Egyptian World.

In the above video if a) maybe the whole of the Ancient Egyptian Art has been faked using modern machining techniques in the post-Napoleonic or proto-Victorian period or if b) then we need A SEVERE RETHINK about our Human Legacy on this Ruined Planet needs to take place.

As you'll see from the molten metal carved stone keys image above, a GLOBAL RACE of extinct Humans(?) or Coneheads(?) or Giants(?) or Druids(?) appear to have been spreading their engineering cleverness all over the world prior to 8,000 B.C.


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