Project Iron Bear - Campaign to return King Arthur to Wales - multiple supporters coming forward


many people might want to dispel the so-called findings of Khumric or Coelbren researchers Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett as Arthurian Nonsense, but I hadn't seen this one which shows many other Welsh Arthur advocates expressing how this 'mythical figure' was actually a real King of Glamorgan or South Wales.

The general concensus seems to be that we need to return King Arthur to his rightful place as the King of the Ancient Bretons or Britons on this green isle, pronounce Britain as you will. The idea that the Eceni (of Boudica fame) might have been the last remnant of the Ancient Brythonic Language (let's not call it Celtic any more, eh?) and with their demise came the demise of a long legacy of the language of the Ancient Britons. Talk about the Khumric writings/inscriptions and/or shoot the whole thing in Ancient Khumric the way Passion of the Christ was shot in Aramaic and Latin.

Why are the Welsh Tourism Board not supporting the concept of Project Iron Bear?

Free Planet supports the making of a Braveheart-like blockbuster movie or full TV series exploring the history of the British Legend of Real Arthur I (who kicked out the Romans and pursued them across Europe in the fourth century) and Real Arthur II (who discovered America and kicked out the Anglo-Saxons in the sixth century until the comet of 562 AD) as Ancient Kings of Briton based in Wales, maybe it's based on Wilson/Blackett's novel Arthur, The War King: call the film "IRON BEAR" that sound hard as nails, right?


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