The Five Ages of Modern Man - gradual Ice Age cooling - cataclysmic heating events

According to the above graph (read from right to left, from past to present) the global temperature of planet Earth tends towards current temperature minus eight degrees. The long-term average temperature of Earth is VERY COLD. Every 120,000 years or so, major-heating events are marked on the above graph at approximately 20,000 BC, 130,000 BC, 250,000 BC and 330,000 BC. Whatever heat-spike-event takes place, Earth eventually always cools down to this base temperature over the following 120,000 years. 

This needs saying again, "Global temperatures on Earth tend towards THE ICE AGE minimum," as a rule of thumb.They shouldn't even be called Ice Ages, they should be called Peak Maxima Ages, referring to the Heat Aberrations that happen on a 120,000 year cycle. What are these heating events, what's causing them?

Over the last half a million years there have been Five Golden Eras where Modern Man may have covered the surface of the Earth with his brethren and his technology. As you'll see, we're in one now. But what causes these semi-regular cataclysmic heatings of the planet? And how do these 'heating cataclysms' tie in to the recorded flipping of the axes of our planet, if at all? Massive cometary attack or some electro-magnetic galaxy storm? One wonders if these 'global heat spikes' show the leap in technological usage of Modern Man at the end of each tendancy for the global temperature to achieve Ice Age values. Are they man made maxima? Or does the pole-flipping cause the global heating spikes?

According to this intriguing 007-like Archaeological Narrative about ancient peoples shows that Modern flint-artefact-making Man is in the Americas HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE Clovis Man...  and nobody wants you to know about it. Potentially, four much earlier versions of Modern Man can also be found, were one to dig deeper and have an open mind about Multiple Human-species Extinctions.

FURTHER READING, EPICA: the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) has stretched the above Vostok-data graph from 450,000 to 800,000 years. And look at the difference i.e. longer or more sustained periods of heating and cooling of the planet. Does this point to more intense HEATING events, be they astronomical or Modern Man Made ... and the associated cataclysms that have wiped out that branch of man in those five periods of History.

Notice the peaks of extreme global warming at the 120,000 and 340,000 years ago, in fact notice how all these peaks or spikes or maxima are followed they a gradual-then-sudden drop in temperature as... what is actually happening here? 

FURTHER CORROBORATIVE DATA: there's also (obviously) a direct correlation between Ice Ages and Sea Level. So, as the Earth tends towards a cooling minimum i.e. modern global average minus eight degrees, sea level tends towards modern levels minus 120 meters.

As far as this blogpost goes: note the key years of current sea level at 120,000 BC and 330,000 BC.


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