Monday morning - slogan art piece - don't kill it, ensure it

this is kinda obvious, to Free Planet, but let's see if you'all get it...

Earth (or Free Planet 2015) should be treated with love and care; cherished, polished, made essential again. Imagine you had access to one of the greatest creations in the world and you had it for a certain amount of time before giving it back to the next person. Wouldn't you expect to give it in the manner it was received i.e. PRISTINE?

It's the same way with this Free Planet; protect it from for-profit patent-protect secret-dis-service exploitation -- it's what you're here for.

SLOGAN ART SUPPLEMENTAL: "Yes, life is wondrous and amazing and scary," deal with that REALITY head on. Quit sucking on the ideological comfort blanket of invented godmas and ridiculous ownership fantasies, BE FREE PLANET. You'all realise I'm a coward and I'm only doing this 'slogan art' all the time for my own motivational benefit?


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