Free Planet - the reality of living on a still-cooling lump of molten rock - 120,000 year cycle of renewal

in a recent Free Planet blogpost called SENTENCED TO EARTH, the Vostok ice-core graph of temperature fluctuation over the last half a million showed that there haven't been a number of Ice Ages, as the mainstream media always spins it. And it demands further investigation/speculation...


This is the first shocking conclusion of this Vostok ice-core graph. Not that "Ice Ages happen," but that such a low temperature for this planet is THE NORM. The second shocking conclusion is that every 120,000 years something happens on a global scale that dramatically raises that global temperature by ten degrees, over a period of just a few decades or maybe shorter. This has happened four times in the last half a million years while 'mankind' has been evolving from the apes, or however we made it to the this latest incarnation of Modern Slaves in a Corporate War World.

Every 120,000 years a global catastrophe (radiation from the galaxy's core or blasted by the Sun or a returning meteor shower or the inner vulcanism of the Earth or methane release from carboniferous deposits or four earlier species of man ruining the Earth in the name of profit, ed) causes the surface of Free Planet to heat up on a scale that is sure to cause floods and weather extremes and mass death to all species. What that thing is needs proper investigation so that we can deal with the next time it happens in a way that ensures our survival.

Let's not understate this, "The current iteration of 'man' is living on a galactic knife edge..." so why waste all your time praising false gods and worshipping invented dogmas?


Time to live.
Time to be.
Time to...

Further thought or contemplation: because the Vostok ice-core data is taken (obviously but not always stated) from one point on the Earth i.e. Vostok, what if that region of the planet was warmed by being moved from its polar location during these DWEs or Dramatic Warming Events.

By this, I don't necessarily mean that 'the entire Earth' was DWEd by nine degrees from an Ice Age norm... it more likely refers to 'that location on Earth' having been made warmer over that span of time indiated by the ice cores. Shifting of the poles would have such an effect, and the return to ice age data would simple show 'that part of the globe' returning to its polar position over the 120,000 years following the last DWE.

There might never have been these so called (classical as taught in schools and colleges) Ice Ages or global coolings -- if the pole is shifted, and that's where we're getting our data from, that'll spread the polar cap over that new region be it Great Britain or China. You move the Vostok ice-cap to a warmer alignment with the sun, it'll melt. Right?

I DIDN'T REALISE THE EARTH'S ORBIT WAS SO COMPLEX: 120,000 year Jupiter-driven cycle of how our planet orbits our star... in fact, this video is so informative it could have warranted its own post, but I've stuck it at the foot of this one because it has relevance to the tending-to-ice-age relevance. Do the DWEs or Dramatic Warming Events coincide with Earth's Jupiter-influenced 'nearest approach to the sun' events back in history? Surely someone's calculated this out...


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