War World - WE ARE ALL CONSCRIPTS - Attention!

War World examination of conscripts in Ukraine.
CONSCRIPTION: Compulsory enlistment for state service, typically into the armed forces. 
Typically, into the armed forces.
You know why they put that caveat in there? Because it's NOT ALWAYS into the armed forces. It can be (and is regularly) into all sorts of aspects of our so-called not-at-war WWS or War World System.
1) World of War work conscription:
most of us have to go to work to support our families; to feed, clothe and house them? Most jobs do insist on you having a medical (pictured above) so how is this any different from what happens to "soldiers"?
2) World of War rent conscription:
most of us have to pay rent to either a landlord or a mortgage holder to live in a dwelling, to have a roof over our family's heads. You are subjected to 'medical examinations' i.e. references and credit history - accept the prostate exam, slaves.
3) World of War dogma conscription:
God is on our side in the corporate war against our enemies, this is what organised religion tells us. God is waiting for us in paradise. We are fighting a just war against A, B, C... plus, you're pushed through all sorts of rites that prove your Conscription to God. Baptism. Bahmitzva. Circumcision. Etc. it's all Square Bashing for the conscripted fools.
4) World of War crime conscription:
there is an arbitrary set of laws that allow corporations to take action against their conscripts, be they privately-owned patents/intellectual copyright or legal non-disclosure-agreements with a corporation. We break these laws and we're in more trouble than if we 'steal a loaf of bread' to feed our chicks and puppies, our young.
5) World of War uniform conscription:
"I ain't wearing no uniform," the more strident of your War World deniers will roar. But you all forget, "You don't need clothes." Sorry, but it's true. If it's warm enough where you live, why are you putting on clothes that you sweat in? Why are you adopting the fashions of the time? Because this is a war and all formal armies wear a formalised set of identification or uniform. Burkas. Sweat pants. Bowler hats. It's all Us vs Them, by devisive design.
Think about the simple things you're conscripted into on a daily basis, like Learning to Drive a Car or Paying a Television License or . There are loads of other examples of this CONSCRIPTIVE BEHAVIOUR and you go along with it, willingly. Because you've been told to. ORDERED by your elders and betters. This is  how your W3 or War World Works. You are a Conscript.
Why do they 'never mention' that THIS IS (in stark fact) A WAR WORLD to you?


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