Electric Universe -- Yeahright Planetary Stencilling -- increased gravity during Saturn-Sun transition....

in 2000, Neal Adams came out with this wild Expanding Earth claim, and I loved it (he even did one for Mars). Highlighting the obvious regions of Earth's mid-Atlantic crustal expansion, it gave (me) convincing evidence that 'the Earth got too heavy to support Dinosaurs' and that's why they went extinct.

However, there's a problem - TIME.

It would take 'too long' for Adams-like i.e. millennia-long and non-source, Earth expansion to have an effect. And we all know the Dinosaurs often died out in-situ i.e. where they stood. At the 03:00 mark of Adams' video, he shows how 'young rock' at the centre of the mid-Atlantic ridge allowed the 'tectonic plates' either side to slip away from each other. And there's a secondary problem - there's no understood mechanism for this MASSIVE influx of young-molten matter (unless the molten inner-Earth is ejecting its magmatic core, hollowing the core) but let's ignore that for now...

What iff, the adjacent striations of the mid-Atlantic ridge aren't evidence of E-W expansion but evidence of N-S electrical excavation on a global scale? You see this on metal-cathode discharge surfaces in the lab; a central discharge line with adjacent whip-line discharges. Just like in the centre of the Atlantic...

Further exploration of this Electrical Carving of Planets idea over a few brief moments of time, here's this guy, Robert Yeahright, who's been at it for years and who many may consider a crazy-person but who might have just discovered THE SHIFT IN AMPERAGE induced in Earth to form continental features of SIMILAR ELECTRICAL INFLUENCE. These generated locations and features match, across opposite sides of the globe. Like some great penetrating hand's going through the Earth spiralling these features into solid surface rock, transduced from above-below, or even induced from within.

YPS - Yeahright Planetary Stencilling - that's what I'm gonna call this brand-new geological plasma phenomena, because he deserves the credit.  I especially like the way he tracks a similar plasma double-vortex across neighbouring regions of the planet, similar local-or-polar stencils. Some young coding genius should write a 'pattern finding algorithm' for Google Earth to help this guy automate what he's having to do by eye. If a layering aspect could show 'which vortex was done first' upon the complex Earth-structuring story, YPS has the potential to totally replace PTT or Plate Tectonic Theory.

Is this the still-cooling blueprint of how Earth shifted from a proto-Saturnian member to a Solar System member? Are these the physical marks in the geology? And can these repeating patterns be used to gauge the POWER OF THE ELECTRICAL interaction of the Earth and Mars in very recent human history?

I also mention this 'former N-S pole of Earth' (mentioned above @ 03:00) in a recent post concerning the Crustal Depth of Mars' surface.


Unknown said…
Just a brief comment...
I believe both are correct and add pieces to the puzzle. Walter Russell and Albert Einstein both agree that energy could be converted to matter. Recent tests published in Forbes magazine and conducted by MIT and also at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and by others, photons have been converted to matter. This leaves us with only the “how”.
If you fact check the above you'll discover that something similar to a linear accelerator is needed for photon to matter conversion. This throws us into redefining how our planet functions and no one wants to touch this but me so I'll throw out an opinion and a hypothesis. Our planet can not have a solid core emitting a magnetic field for a variety of reasons but the simplest one is we would not be here today. If our world is a few billion years in age, this solid core would have cooled to the point that our current planetary dynamics would not exist. Our magnetic field acts similar to mono pole fields. One being referenced as positive and one referenced as negative. An area along our magnetic equator is devoid of being either positive or negative this forms the boundary between these two fields of force. Hence the current drawings that depict the energy lines of our our field never represent how they pass through our “core” and magically reverse in polarity. It's because – they don't. The center is a plasma engine fed by solar and cosmic energy the enter through the vortex of our field lines and feed our generator. Our field lines guide and direct this energy much like a natural linear accelerator and based on current tests and experiments done by others, convert photons to matter thus – expanding our planet. During solar storms our center produces more energy which is pulled off by the magnetic mono pole fields and bled into our atmosphere where it is picked up by air particles and something we call weather is produced. Lightning storms are obvious factors in this overcharging and sprites, energies radiating back in into the magnetosphere are also common factors. As our planet was evolving, we can only guess that massive solar storms existed creating massive overcharging and lightning storms beyond our comprehension. These lightning storms may have caused fires, killed life and drove many cultures underground for periods of time. Right now we really do not know but the only evidence remaining is the electrical gouging mentioned.
Like I said, they add pieces to the puzzle. Keep up the good. My best regards

Michael J. DeMuth

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