Electric Universe - James Sorensen - Halton Arp and Big Bang disaster

Do we really like LEADERs, or are they just ego-maniacal profit-protecting enemies of peace, love and understanding?

We've grown a dog-eat-dog society... with its own prized elite of amoral kennel directors.

How do we de-educate our people from Leaders? How do we Free Planet a future of INDIVIDUALS who matter? How do we begin to BE as a Custodian race who CARES just like this guy, an electrical engineer James Sorensen, lending his individual contribution to the claims of the Electric Universe?

Let the Humans BE.

further viewing can be found in this Electric Universe video from seriously famous astronomer Halton Arp whose research into INTRINSIC RED-SHIFT in quasars got him blacklisted by most scientific organisations, or EDCs (Extremist Doctrinal Cabals) as they should be called.


Brian Steere said…
True leadership is inspired initiative and not social status.
When we are dispirited, we may use 'leaders' of any kind as a cover for our own sense of lack and disconnection and generate an identity investment.
When we share in inspired purpose, the form of following or the form of leading are fluid to the particular needs. Just as a false dependency on external leaders, we can also give power to ideas that may seem to offer power and protection, but actually bring powerlessness and dependency.

Letting Be is indeed the willingness from which to live and perhaps a point of presence from which to communicate at the level of presence - rather than words that can be filtered distorted and subverted to support a fearful and thus defended position.

I'm WITH - the emerging paradigm of an electric Universe - as part of Connected communication or presence instead of separate minds, separate things and vastness of space and time to keep it that way.

I dropped here to remind myself of what James looked like - having shared a recent EU conference.
Mike Philbin said…
Thanks for dropping by, Brian.

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