Electric Universe - Bob Johnson - revisiting the Electric Sun

Real Science aka that place where outlandish theories are rigourously tested by unforgiving physical observation, is respectable only when it allows its pristine to be shattered by a new beak....

The Electric Universe or EU-community is currently a big fan of the Anode Sun: a place where a localised sphere of positive charge is balanced by flows of negative charge much like how an electrical capacitor works. There's even an inverse capacitor curve to show how the sun's output is regulated by anode tufting, it looks very convincing.

That EU may actually (finally) be a Real Science is shown by the controversial presentation given by British scientist Bob Johnson in 2013 where he suggested that the 'condensed matter anode sun model' that many EU-scientists support might be better understood by a PLASMOIDAL MODEL OF THE SUN involving continuosly tangled Birkeland Currents focussed around the pinchpoint of our nearest star i.e. The Sun not only has no central core and no nuclear convection currents but it's not even physical matter as we conventionally understand the concept and would therefore have no MASS.

So, where does that leave gravity i.e. that thing which transports our world around the sun?

I'd love to see if Bob's 2013 presentation on the plasmoid sun has altered EU-thinking along his proposed lines or whether he has been himself sidelined, or blacklisted, as an anti-EU activist. I intend to get a comment from Bob on this subject, which I'll post here.


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