Electric Universe - Thunderbolts of the Gods - Lightning Scarred Planet Earth

Electrical phenomena are totally scalable, from the activity of an electron around an atom's core (should such a machine exist) to the width of an electrical discharge pulsating through space birthing galaxies and stars.

On Earth, erosion has been given too much credence when all you need is a decent electrical charge to hit the surace of the planet to form some quite spectacular geological features.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: here's the second part of Lightning Scarred Earth...

Editorial comment: we now need to see A HISTORICAL TIMESCALE for both the proto-Saturnian electrical infestation into what we now call the Solar System and the length of time taken to create these geological features on Earth and Mars i.e. from what historical date to what historical date, based on the assessable movement of proto-Saturnian planet settling within this (alien) system.

How close would the planets have come, how did Saturn look during its convversion to gas giant, what was the sky like? And when did our ancestors stop remarking on these horrific electric skywars? I also want to know if there might have been a PLANETARY MASS GAIN of electrical exchange as Earth was ripped from the proto-Saturnian system - could this have killed all the massive land animals, and dinosaurs?


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