Corbett Report - 911 The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy - Full Documentary

sharing this again from James Corbett (a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Japan) because WE ALL FORGOT... about September 11th 2001, this year. Sixteen years have gone by, how can 9/11 be important now, right? 9/11 no longer affects us, the dust has settled, we no longer care who did what to whom.

Shame on ALL OF US...

So, now watch this too, from Architects (and Physicists, and Chemists, and Demolitions Experts) and Engineers who claim that buildings 1, 2 and 7 of the World Trade Center complex in Manhattan on 2001 were mechanically brought down and the evidence (illegally) sent to China for smelting...

...and then click on this about the Project for a New American Century.

And I seriously have to ask, "Is Corbett the only 'journalist' worthy of his J-salt?" where are today's Woodwards and Bersteins, ffs?


Marvin Sannes said…
At 16 yrs. out, the criminals become obvious.

"Clearly it's an act of war both in terms of its magnitude and its purpose. Behind these acts are states that provide the recuruitment, the organization the sanctuary, the planning, the training, the logistics, the money, this could not happen without state support and state sponsorship." Richard Perle - BBC interview 9/11/01
"...we know the names of these rogue countries..." Ehud Barak - BBC interview 9/11/01

We've been to the Hindu Kush Mts., the Museums of Baghdad, Tripoli's gold. Yep, we know, Ehud, we now, clearly, know the names of these rogue states.

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