Steven Greer - Zero Point Energy - The Trans National Corporate Government

Energy Source: amazing electromagnetic flux field or mastery of anti-gravity and trans-dimensionality.

Let's put it another way -- we could call it Freedom from the MICC or Military Industrial Congressional Complex. MICC can also be called the Trans National Corporate Governance of the World, for-profit via patent-protect and the secrecy apparatus.

Sixty-year-old Steven Greer, in this sometimes rambling and often recollective four hour presentation on the Secret Government and How Our Prison Planet Actually Works, asserts that access to the zero point energy that surrounds us all that's been held back by MICC i.e. the oil-dollar nations, since the 1920's could totally revolutionise how we live. When you follow the dirty-money trail of assassinations and hit-jobs of a physical or reputational nature, you can see how the Third World War Machine might prevent such an infrastructure-ruining energy revolution - we need to keep funding the lie, after all. Get back to work and earn your permission to reside.

"Everything important is faster than the speed of light," I love this quote from Greer.

Well worth watching, if you care about 'the case of the missing century' of human back-engineering.

Free Planet says No More Secrets otherwise defined as, "Compartmentalised into Corporate NDA-cells, creative individuals are easy targets for self-protective litigation."


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