Brien Foerster - Lost Ancient High Technology - Egypt Before The Pharaohs

Egyptian Culture as we know it i.e. hieroglyphic writing, animal gods, star-gazing, pyramids and temples, seemed to arrive out of nowhere ... 5,000 years or so ago.

how? how? how?

Before all that Dynastic Business, there appeared to be a High Technology Culture that needed no (crass or egotistical) grafitti in the name of any of the in-bred God-Kings and their warring escapades upon it. This was architecture that excelled in slabs up towards 200 tonnes and more; there's discussion of resonance functionality and softened sculpting/carving of stone/granites etc.

This video from Brien Foerster goes into the various examples of tube drilling, powered saws and mirror-like ninety-degree surfaces.

SO YOU ENJOYED THAT: well, check this out from South American, David Hather Childress and Christopher Dunn go around Peru and Bolivia examining machine cutting (or softened stone i.e. geopolymerised) and precision alignment of granite or stone slabs or rocks into giant polygonal walls from back in the mists of time.


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